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Make a DVD Slideshow With Music

Making a photo slideshow and putting it on a CD or DVD is a way of sharing and previewing photos on a TV screen. And having music in it will make the photo slideshow more interesting. The slideshow can be played through a DVD player and you can burn multiple copies to send to friends and family members.

Although some people may choose to have this done professionally, others would like to make their own music slideshow themselves and burn it on a DVD

Photo DVD Maker --- Making Professional Photo Slideshow DVD with Music!

FAQs - Adding music to photo slideshow



What kinds of music can be added to photo slideshows?

With Photo DVD Maker, you can add the following music/audio files to photo slideshows:

Can I add several pieces of songs as background music?

Yes. You can add many songs to photo slideshow as you like.

I try to add music to the slideshow but without luck. Why?

Photo DVD Maker supports MP3, WMA and WAV audio formats. If the music you try to add to the slideshow is not one of these three formats, or it’s copy-protected, it cannot be added to the slideshow.

If you need to use sound track from CDs, please use the "Ripper" application in the Photo DVD Maker program. This function is available in the “Music & Transition section”.

How to add protected music to the slideshow?

If the music you wish to add to photo slideshow is protected by DRM or other measures, you should remove the protection before adding it to slideshow. You can use NoteBurner Audio Converter or NoteCable Audio Converter to convert the protected to MP3, WMA or WAV, and then add the converted music to photo slideshow.

How to remove the default music?

In the Transition & Music section, select the "default.mp3" file, and then click the delete button delete music button.

delete default music

The music ends before the last photo shows up. How to fix it?

That's the music fade -in & -out effect. In the "Transition & Music" section, de-select the "Fade in & out" option in the "Background Music" panel.

How to add narrations to photo slideshows?

You can add narrations to photo slideshows using the voice recording feature. Note that you should have microphone to collect sound.

Step 1: In the "Transition & Music" section, click the "Record" button record voice

Step 2: In the recording window, you can modify recording volume, specify a folder to store the recordings, and you can see the Recording Duration, which can help you keep the narration to fit the slideshow duration.

Step 3: When you are ready, click the "Start Recording" button. You narration and other voice will be took down in WAV audio format.

choose recordings

Step 4: Back to the Transition & Music section, click the add music button add music

Step 5: Choose the recorded audio file from the file folder as specified in Step 2

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