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How to Make an HTML5 Photo Slideshow for Your Website

With more and more browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer are supporting the HTML5 elements and APIs, putting the HTML5 slideshow on your website is absolutely a wiser way to display your photo slideshow. Here we share you how to make an HTML5 photo slideshow for your website. If you want to know how to embed an HTML5 slideshow to website, please go How to Embed an HTML5 Slideshow to Website

There are only three steps to make an HTML5 photo slideshow!

Making an HTML5 photo slideshow with HTML5 Slideshow Maker is easy. You do not need to write the HTML5 photos slideshow codes to make your HTML5 photo slideshow at all. The powerfull HTML5 photo slideshow creator named HTML5 Slideshow Maker can help you make a professional HTML5 slideshow with jsut a few mouse clicks. Before you start making an HTML5 photo slideshow, you should download and install this HTML5 photo slideshow creator on your computer.

Download HTML5 Slideshow Maker for Windows Download HTML5 Sldieshow Maker for Windows

Download HTML5 Slideshow Maker for Mac Download HTML5 Slideshow Maker for Mac

Step1: Add Photos

Open HTML5 Slideshow Maker and click the "Add Photo" button. A browse window will open for selecting photos for your HTML5 photo slideshow.

Add photos to HTML55 slideshow

You can see the photos which you added in the main window of the HTML5 Slideshow Maker. The names of the photos will be displayed in the window as well. If you want to remove a photo, you should selecting the photo and click the “Remove Photo” button. If you want to delete all the photos, then you should click the “Remove All Photo” button.

Step 2: Choose Theme

HTML5 Slideshow Maker has lots of HTML5 slideshow templates. These HTML5 slideshow templates are very neat and beautiful. You’ll see the HTML5 slideshow templates by clicking the “Theme” tab. Choosing a theme is easy to, you just need to click the thumbnail of a HTML5 slideshow template.

Choose HTML5 slideshow template

Want to customize the HTML5 slideshow template you choose? No problem! HTML5 Slideshow Maker allows the users to make their own style HTML5 slideshow templates by taking the settings on the "Options" panel.

Step 3: Publish Slideshow

After inporting photos to HTML5 Slideshow Maker and chooing a theme, you can start to exoprt your HTML5 photo slideshow by clicking the “Publish” tab.

Publish HTML5 slideshow

On the “Output Settings” panel, you need to set the output folder location for your HTML5 slideshow and name the HTML, Java Script and XML files. After that, you can click the  “Publish Now” button to let the HTML5 Slideshow Maker create the output files for your HTML5 photo slideshow. Once the HTML5 Slidesow Maker successfully created the output files for your HTML5 photo slideshow, a pop-up window will open to inform you that you have successfully published the HTML5 slideshow. The pop-up window also let you view your slideshow with the “View HTML5 Slideshow” button and view the output files with the “Open Output Folder” button.

download HTML5 Slideshow Maker for Windowsdownload HTML5 Slideshow Maker for Mac

Download HTML5 Slideshow Maker for making HTML5 photo slideshow.

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