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How to Make a Photo Slideshow for Watching it on TV

With Photo DVD Maker, thousands of pictures from holidays, landscapes, weddings or family parties can be enjoyed on TV as photo slideshow. Your entire family can sit back in sofa, turn on the TV and DVD player, press the "Play" button, and enjoy professional photo slideshow with various transitions and music.

Photo DVD Maker helps you make photo slideshow with music for watching it on TV.

Photo DVD Maker simplified the whole process of making a photo slideshow and burn it to DVD into three steps, thus users of all levels can make photo slideshow within few clicks.

Preparations for Making a Photo Slideshow.

1. Download and install Photo DVD Maker on your computer.

You need to install Photo DVD Maker on your computer, for this photo slideshow creator will help you make photo slideshow and burn photo slideshow to DVD.

download photo dvd maker

After you install it, you can use the trail version of Photo DVD Maker to make photo slideshow. The only limitation of the trail version is that it can add 36 photos at most. So we highly recommend you to get the full version of this photo slideshow creator.

2. Prepare photos and songs

In order to make it easier to import photos and songs to your photo slideshow, we suggest you save all the photos and songs that you plan to make your photo slideshow with in a standalone folder.

Three steps to make a photo slideshow and burn photo slideshow to DVD

Step 1. Make photo slideshow with music

Import photos: Once you open Photo DVD Maker, you'll see three main tabs: "Organize Photos", "Choose Menu", and "Burn Disc". You can also notice the three tabs under "Organize Photos" tab. This photo slideshow creator will open a window for finding and adding photos once you click the "Add Photo" button under the "Album Photo" tab.

Choose transitions and add background songs: Click the "Transition & Music" tab and then right click a photo under the "Transition effects" panel, three options will show for choosing transition effects. You can choose one of them to set the transition effects for your photo slideshow. You can add background songs by clicking the "Add" button under the "Transition & Music" tab.

Album theme: Click the thumbnail of the theme you want to make photo slideshow with, enter opening and closing credits, then set the effect, size, font, and duration of the opening & closing credits. Previewing it by clicking the "Preview" button.

Step 2. Choose DVD menu

Choose DVD menu: Photo DVD Maker provides lots of DVD menu templates. You can choose your favorite DVD menu by clicking the thumbnails.

"Choose Menu" interface includes five tabs, which shows under the preview window of the DVD menu. They are "Background Music", Background Images", "Edit", "Menu Navigator" and "preview". You can add background music, edit the background images of the DVD menu you choose, edit the way of how album shows on DVD menu, take the settings of menu, and preview all the previous settings through these tabs.

Step 3. Burn photo slideshow to DVD

Choose output format: You can choose "DVD Video Disc", "SVCD Video Disc", "Blue-ray Disc" and " AVCHD Disc" as the output format.

Choose TV system: Here you need to choose "PAL" or "NTSC" of the TV system and "4:3" or "16:9" of the TV aspect ratio.

After inserting a DVD disc to your computer, you only need to click "Burn Now" button, this photo slideshow creator will burn photo slideshow to DVD right now. The burning time depends on the "Video Encoding Quality" you choose. After burning photo slideshow to DVD, you can play it on DVD player and then watch your photo slideshow on TV.

If you have questions about watching photo slideshow on TV, please go "Watch Photo Slideshow on TV".

download photo dvd maker

Download free trial to making photo slideshow and watch it on TV.

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