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Send a Slideshow DVD for Dad on Father's Day

Father’s Day is a day to honor all the fathers for everything they did for us. There are many ways to celebrate Father’s Day, no matter which way you choose, you would never forget to send a Father’s Day gift. Because a self-made special Father’s Day gift is always the most favored gift for dad, so here we recommend you create a Father’s Day slideshow DVD.


father's day slideshow


By collecting all the photos of you and your dad, writing a Father’s Day poem or Father’s Day quotes, and downloading a Father’s Day song, you can made a very impressive Father’s Day slideshow DVD.

Tips on making an impressive Father’s Day Slideshow DVD.

Creating a common slideshow is easy, but a common slideshow is not suitable for this special day, so in order to make a Father's Day slideshow that can fully express the children's love to daddy, the tips below are needed to take into account while creating the slideshow.

1. Start the Father’s Day Slideshow with a poem or a quote.

You can write a simple poem to show you love to your daddy, and since not everybody are a good writer, a quote to start your Father's Day slideshow is also a good alternative choice. You may also can just write "Daddy, I Love you".

How to add poems or quotes to a slideshow with Photo DVD Maker?

If you prefer to show your Father’s Day poem on a blank image, you need to add a blank image first. The steps are: right click the first photo, and then choose Add Blank Image. The blank image with text on it will be the first photo. If you want to show your poem on your first photo, you just need to double click the first photo, a pop-up will appear, choose the Text tab, click Add Text button, and then you can write your Father’s Day poem.

2. Put the photos of the Father’s Day slideshow in chronological order.

It's better to show the slideshow according to your grow-up process, start with when you are a baby, next by when you are in kindergarden, primary school, and end by now.

How to change the order of photos with Photo DVD Maker?

After you add all your photos to Photo DVD Maker, the photos will be placed according to the names. If you want to rearrange some photos, you just need to click the photo you want to make a change, then drag and drop it.

3. Add Father’s Day songs as the background music.

A background music is a must to a slideshow, and so as to Father's Day slideshow. Here we share some Father's Day songs that may help your in creating a special Father's Day slideshow.

Father’s Day Songs:

Father and Son - Cat Stevens Papa Can You Hear Me? - Barbra Streisand
Father and Daughter - Paul Simon Daddy's Little Girl - Karla Bonoff  
Dance With My Father - Luther Vandross Just The Two Of Us - Will Smith
Seein' My Father In Me - Paul Overstreet Butterfly Kisses - Bob Carlisle

How to add background music with Photo DVD Maker?

It's easy to add music. The steps are: click the Transition & Music tab and the Add button, then you can look for your music files, after you select music files, click Open.

add background music

download photo dvd maker

Download free trial to make a Father's Day slideshow.

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